Vetiveria Zizanioides

Vetiveria Zizanioides

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Vetiveria Zizaninoides could be a plant. Its root is used to prepare medicines. Individuals take medicines for nerve and circulation issues and stomach aches. A few women use Vetiveria Zizaninoides so that their periods could start or so that they can cause abortion of the child. Vetiveria Zizaninoides is often used directly on the skin for relieving stress, in addition to emotional traumas, shock, lice, and repelling insects.

It can also be used for arthritis, stings, and burns. Vetiveria Zizaninoides is often inhaled as aromatherapy for nervousness, joint and muscle pain, and insomnia. In producing, Vetiveria Zizaninoides could be used as a flavoring in alcoholic beverages. Vetiveria Zizaninoides include oil that repels insects. Until now, it is not known how Vetiveria Zizaninoides might work as a drug or medicine.

What dose should be taken?

The correct dose of Vetiveria Zizaninoides depends on factors like age, health, and various other conditions. At this point, there is no comprehensive scientific data to determine the correct span of doses for Vetiveria Zizaninoides. Remember that native products are not every time necessarily safe, and doses can be necessary. Be sure that you follow proper instructions on product labels and take advice from your pharmacist, doctor, or other healthcare professional before using this. If you want, you can order Vetiveria Zizaninoides online as well.


Vetiveria Zizaninoides could be an evergreen, perennial, gramineous herb, and its structure is similar to that of lemongrass. Vetiveria Zizaninoides can stop soil erosion and can also help rehabilitate metal-polluted soil. It is a large tufted bunchgrass and may reach 1.5 meters in height. The thin leaves and stems are erect, rigid and it has tiny brown-purple flowers. People can buy Vetiveria Zizaninoides for sale also.



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