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Thaumatococcus Daniellii

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Thaumatococcus Daniellii is a sweet prayer plant that is a stemless herbaceous perennial with a rhizomatous rootstock. It generates leaves 12 to 25cm broad by 12 to 40cm tall on a leaf stalk 2 to 3m tall. The crimson fruit is made at or below the ground level. The hazards of this plant are not known till now. It ranges from Western and Central Tropical Africa to Sierra Leone to Zaire. The medicinal uses are also not known till now. The leaves of this plant are used as food wrappers, as packing material or for roofing.

The Edible Uses of This Plant:

Seed- raw or cooked and has a very pleasant flavour. When the raw seed is chewed in the mouth, it influences the taste buds in such a manner for about an hour afterwards; any sour food that is drunk or eaten can have a pleasant flavour. The seeds are also used to sweeten tea, bread, fruits, etc. The aril of the seed includes a pleasant-tasting protein which may be used as an alternative for sugar, also in low caloric drinks and diets. This plant is the sweetest of the known native and synthetic substances.

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Thaumatococcus Daniellii Could be a plant species from Africa known because of being the native source for thaumatin, a sweet protein that is in the interest of producing sweeteners. The fruit is engulfed in a fleshy red aril which is that part that contains the thaumatin.


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