Balanites Aegyptiaca

Balanites Aegyptiaca

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Balanites aegyptiaca is commonly known as a desert date. It is a traditional medicinal plant. It belongs to the Plantae kingdom and comes under the Zygophyllaceae family. We can find these plants in Egypt, the Sahel-Savannah region of Africa, northern America. The tree looks 10 m long tall. The plant's fruits are long, and the color of the fruit is greenish when it is younger, and when it is matured, the color changes to yellow. The flowers look small and are pollinated with the help of insects. The tree starts growing flowers and fruits at the age of 5-6 years, and maximum seeds will be produced until 15-25 years. The trees are grown with an annual temperature of 20-30oc and annual rainfall of 250-400 mm. You can order Balanites aegyptiaca online easily.

Benefits of Balanites aegyptiaca:

It is used as traditional medicine and treatment of various ailments, i.e., malaria, Jaundice, Diarrhea, hemorrhoid, intestinal worm infection, wounds, epilepsy, syphilis, dysentery, constipation, stomach aches, asthma, and fever. To treat asthma, we should take 10g of seed powder with water for ten days in the morning. The juice taken from the leaves is used to avoid unwanted pregnancy soon after the menstruation with water once for nine days. We can buy Balanities aegyptiaca medicine online. Especially in Africa and some other developing countries, they use it as herbal medicine and food preparation. Pale yellowish-brown color wood will be extracted and used for furniture and durable tools from the tree. The seeds were used to make jewelry in the olden days. The seeds of the plant contain 30-48 %oil. The oil produced from the seed will treat tumors and wounds. In countries like Morocco, Ethiopia, and Senegal, Balanites aegyptiaca is used to treat colic and stomachache. 


In this, we have demonstrated the plant Balanites aegyptiaca, its uses, how it has been used as traditi medicine, and its benefits.


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