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Marsilea is a genus of over 65 aquatic fern species in the Marsileaceae family. Luigi Ferdinando Marsili, an Italian naturalist, was honored with the name. These tiny plants have a unique appearance and don't look like ferns at all. Water clover and four-leaf clover are common names for the long-stalked leaves with four clover-like lobes and can be found above or below water. Some Australian species, such as Marsilea drummondii, produce edible sporocarps that have been consumed by Aborigines and early European immigrants, who called it ngardu or nardoo.

Marsilea drummondii has an enzyme that causes thiamine (vitamin B1) to be destroyed, causing brain injury in sheep and horses. 2,200 sheep perished after ingesting nardoo during floods in the Gwydir River watershed. However, thiamine treatments helped three-quarters of the sheep who were affected. Burke and Wills were likely starved to death due to thiamine deficiency caused by improperly prepared nardoo. Marsilea crenata are used in Indonesian East Javanese cuisine, particularly in Surabaya. Pecel Semanggi is the dish's name, and it's served with spicy peanuts.


Aquaria are home to a few species of Marsilea, including Marsilea crenata, Marsilea exarata, Marsilea hirsuta, and Marsilea quadrifolia.

Benefits of Marsilea:

According to legend, the plant is anti-inflammatory, diuretic, depurative, febrifuge, and refrigerant. It's also administered to abscesses and used to treat snakebites.

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