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Stachytarpheta is a verbena family plant genus (Verbenaceae). Many butterflies, including the South Asian crimson, rose (Atrophaneura hector), Malabar banded swallowtail (Papilio liomedon), and grass yellow, feed on the nectar-rich blooms (Eurema Hecabe) Hummingbirds, small species such as Lophornis coquettes, Chlorostilbon emeralds, and Discosura thorntails, are attracted to the nectar in particular.

Porterweeds are a genus of plants that includes several species. Stachytarpheta is well-known for its therapeutic value in several traditional and folk medicine systems. The presence of several bioactive phytochemicals in this plant has been reported to have pharmacological effects. You can order Stachytarpheta online easily.

Benefits of Stachytarpheta:

Fever and other symptoms are relieved by drinking boiled juice or a tea made from the leaves or the whole plant. Dysentery, discomfort, and liver problems are all treated with it. In Peru and other countries, tea made from the leaves is used to help control diabetes.

Is Stachytarpheta edible?

Its tiny flowers are edible, and it has a mushroom flavor. It can be used raw as a salad spice. Other plant components are eaten raw or boiled like a vegetable in some areas; however, they can be deadly. Buy Stachytarpheta online with a few simple steps. The products are at low prices as compared with that of the market. They are on sale most of the time, and it's straightforward to buy them sitting at the comfort of your home.


Stachytarpheta is a multipurpose plant, and some parts of it are edible as well. It can also be used for medicinal purposes.


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