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Sida Acuta, widely called wireweed, could be a species of flowering plant that belongs to the mallow family, Malvaceae. It is located in Central America but now has a pantropical distribution and is thought to be a weed in a few areas. In northern Austria, Sida Acuta is thought to be an invasive species. The battle Calligraphy pantherina has been launched as a biological control agent to handle the plant. The plant is undershrub, with mucilaginous juice. It is erect, solid, cylindrical, green, and branched. The leaves are alternate, simple, lanceolate to linear, rarely ovate to oblong, acute the apex, coarsely and remotely serrate, and reticulate venation. You can buy Sida Acuta online as well.

Habitat of this plant:

Sida Acuta is located on many soil types, except seasonally flooded clays or soils generated from the limestone. It competes strongly with other plants. Still, it best distributes habitat in tropical and sub-tropical regions with a different dry or wet season. This plant has a deep taproot and may withstand drought, mowing, and shallow tillage. It could be a weed of degraded pastures, cereals, tree plantations, vegetables, root crops, lawns, roadsides, and waste plants. The habitat where it comes from tends to grow in riparian areas near watercourses. This plant is favorable to colonizing many geographical areas. If you want Sida Acuta, you can feel free to hit us online. You can buy Sida Acuta on sale.


Sida Acuta is a plantation crop spread throughout the Pacific and South-East Asia. It could be a principal weed of maize in Mexico, Austria, Thailand, the Philippines, Brazil, etc. Every flower of this plant generates 6 seeds and rarely 5 or 7. Seeds of this plant are normally dormant when released. This plant belongs to the Plantae kingdom. It is a raw botanical.


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