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Morinda Lucida

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Product - Morinda Lucida

Morinda Lucida could be a flowering plant genus that belongs to the madder family, Rubiaceae. The native name could be derived from the Latin word Morus which means mulberry; from the structure of the fruits, Indica means India. It ranges from all tropical areas of the globe. Morinda Lucida contains 80 species of shrubs, vines, and trees. Every Morinda Lucida species bear average or multiple fruits, which may be fleshy or dry.

Ample species of this plant grow in Borneo, New Guinea, Northern Austria, and New Caledonia. In old Japanese, Chinese or Korean medicine, this plant is seen as a herb with biological properties even though there is no proper evidence. The infusions of the roots, leaves and barks are used as remedies to treat various kinds of fever, including yellow fever, malaria, and feverish conditions at the time of childbirth.

Fossil Recorded:

The first fossil record for the genus Morinda Lucida can be from the fruit of Morinda Chinensis located in coal dated from the Eocene 56 to 33.9 million years ago in the Changchang Basin of Hainan Island, South China. Where to buy Morinda Lucida Online? You can order Morinda Lucida online easily. Apart from this, some sites offer Morinda Lucida for sale.


Morinda Lucida, also known as the brimstone tree, could be an ethnomedicinal plant used widely in the old medicines for many decades, mainly in the African content. This tree can also treat various health issues like hypertension, diabetes, inflammation, etc. It could be a rich source of extracts and chemical compounds with diverse bioactivities.



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