Siegesbeckia Orientalis

Siegesbeckia Orientalis

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Sigesbeckia orientalis, known as eastern St Paul's-wort and common St. Paul's wort, is a species of plant from Asteraceae used in traditional medicine to treat syphilis, leprosy, and other skin-related illnesses.

Sigesbeckia orientalis has a broad distribution in Africa, Asia, but has been widely naturalized outside this range. It is unclear whether it is native to Australia or has been introduced there

Siegesbeckia orientalis is an erect, annual plant, growing from a tap-root, usually with spreading branches from low down; it usually grows around 60cm tall, occasionally to 120cm The plant is widely used as a medicinal herb, being harvested from the wild in Africa, the warmer regions of Asia, and also in S. America. It is sometimes also cultivated for medicinal use



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