Mitragyna Ciliata

Mitragyna Ciliata

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Mitragyna Ciliata is a popularly known and used traditional medicine. It is used to treat inflammation, headache, hypertension, gonorrhea, rheumatism, and broncho-pulmonary diseases. The stem bark of this tree is extracted over soxhlet with hexane, accompanied by another extraction of methanol. This plant exhibits plasmodia activities. The research of this plant is to strengthen then malaria treatment.

This species is included in the Plantae Kingdom. This plant has some durability but is considered nondurable and nonsuited for external applications. This plant or tree is usually 30 meters tall. The bulk of the tree could be orange-brown to pink sapwood. The tree's heartwood that is seasonally spongy is reddish-brown with dark streaks. Mitragyna Ciliata could be a versatile timber as well.

About the Seasoning of this tree:

The Seasoning of Mitragyna Ciliata is dependent on various factors like the speed at which it is processed, the process of drying, and the particular location. Normally the care taken by those who are processing the wood will influence its drying and Seasoning. People can buy Mitragyna Ciliata online for the fastest and quality delivery. 

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People is such a big question for many people as it is used to cure many diseases, but you can order Mitragyna Ciliata online.


Mitragyna Ciliata belongs to the family of Rubiaceae. It is located in Angola, Benin, The Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, etc. This tree is threatened by habitat loss. It has various benefits like it can treat many health issues and so on.



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