Heart of Jesus (Caladium)

Heart of Jesus (Caladium)

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Heart of Jesus (Caladium) is the name of a tuber plant. It is also known as angel wings elephant ears. Heart of Jesus (Caladium) belongs to flowering plants. They are mainly found in South America, Central America, some parts of Africa. They are also found in a few pieces of India. Heart of Jesus (Caladium) can be found near the banks of rivers, and their growth stops during the dry season, i.e., when that particular region gets very little rainfall. The height of the Heart of Jesus (Caladium) is generally around 50 to 100 cm tall.

How it Looks:

The plant Heart of Jesus is tall and has good long leaves. The heart's leaves are of the shape of a spirit or arrow. They have fragile stems. The leaves of Heart of Jesus are astonishing. They have pink color leaves, and the color of the veins is green, and it looks beautiful.

Public Display:

Heart of Jesus is generally used for public display. It is used for large indoor displays and can be found in many public gardens. Many people keep it in their houses near the windows. 

Temperature and Light for Heart of Jesus:

The temperature required for Heart of Jesus should be more than 21 degrees Celcius which means it needs a warm temperature and not t dry temperature. It does not need sunlight light and can be grown in shady areas. Because direct sunlight will damage the leaves of the Heart of Jesus. If you are keeping Heart of Jesus indoors, it will be better to provide it with some reasonably bright light without any direct sunlight. This plant likes to grow well en the humidity is slightly high.

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Heart of Jesus is readily available. You can order Heart of Jesus (Caladium) online store. 


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