Harungana Madagascariensis

Harungana Madagascariensis

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Harungana Madagascariensis is commonly known as an orange-milk tree or haronga and dragon's blood tree. It is a flowering plant. It belongs to the planate kingdom and comes under the family of Hypericaceae. We can easily find these plants in tropical Africa.,from Senegal to Sudan and Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, south to Angola, Zimbabwe. The plant looks small; its height is similar to the bush tree height is 4m to 7m and can grow up to 25 m. leaves look like simple ovate and appear to be glossy. Flowers are small with 5 - 6mm height and bisexual. It looks white or cream-colored. The annual temperature for this plant must be between 20-28oc but can tolerate 12 - 36oc. The plant will prefer the annual rainfall in the range 1500- 2500mm and can tolerate upto 1000 - 3500mm. 

Benefits of Harungana Madagascariensis:

Harungana Madagascariensis is especially used in Africa as a healing medical plant to treat skin complaints and conditions where blood is manifest. The leaves and roots are likewise considered febrifugal and hostile to malarial. They have been utilized for treating heart-inconveniences. The leafy shoots are bitten as a masticatory with kola nut for treating the urethral discharge. Harungana madagascariensis is used for the treatment of chest pain and urogenital infections. The fruits of this plant are given to children as snacks. In young women, roots are used to hasten breast development. The roots and bark are chewed as toothpaste and lipstick in some places. The wood looks orange-red to yellow; it is very low weight and durable. The wood is used for hut construction poles, and some are making hockey bats. 

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