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Bidens Pilosa could be a branched annual forb of gracile habit, which grows to 1.8 meters tall. It increases aggressively on disrupted land and sometimes becomes weedy. The leaves of this plant are all oppositely organized and range from simple to pinnate in form, and the upper leaves with three to five denate, ovate to lanceolate leaflets. The plant can flower at any time of the year but mostly in summer and autumn temperate regions. The species is naturally located in Tropical America, vastly naturalized all over the globe's warm temperate and tropical regions. Many widely known English names include black-jack, Cobbler's pegs, devil's needles, farmer's friend, stickybeaks, beggarticks, etc.

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The flowers on this plant are the tiny heads borne on the long peduncles. The heads include about 4 or 5 broad white ray florets surrounding ample tubular yellow disc florets without ligules made into barbed fruits. The fruits of this plant are slightly curved, rough black rods, stiff, and are about 1cm long. The barbed spines of the plant get stuck in the furs, feathers, clothing, etc., of individuals and animals that brush against the species.

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Biden Pilosa could be a yearly herbaceous flowering plant that belongs to the daisy family Asteraceae. The most familiar name of this species is the Cobbler's pegs. This plant has a high reproductive potential and grows at a fast rate. This species belongs to the Plantae kingdom.


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