Common Vervain (Verbena Officinalis)

Common Vervain (Verbena Officinalis)

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Verbena Officinalis, also known as verbena, vervain belongs to the Verbenaceae family and has lobed and silky, pale purple flowers. It is a perennial herb native to Europe and Asia. It is used as an herbal remedy because of the multiple beneficial compounds. You can buy Common Vervain Online easily.

Benefits of vervain:

Vervain extract may benefit certain neurological or brain-related conditions by promotion of the development of new blood vessels in the brain to supply it with oxygen; may possess antitumor effects and induce the death of cancerous cells; may protect nerve cells by providing more oxygen to the mitochondria that are the in charge of energy production in the cells; may help reduce anxiety and convulsions as vervain extract had anxiety-reducing drug; may have an antimicrobial activity to inhibit bacterial growth.


Any pregnant or breastfeeding woman should avoid its use as there is no reliable information for the safety of usage of vervain. It should always be taken in small amounts if taken by mouth, and if applied on the skin, a patch test must always be done.

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Vervain is a natural herb and can be used for many possible reasons, so one should always consult their physician or homeopath before consuming any medicines and the dose required for each individual's body as everyone is different and has different medicinal uses requirements.


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