Mitragyna Tubulosa

Mitragyna Tubulosa

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Mitragyna Tubulosa could be a tree species located in the peninsular India of the Western Ghats. The WCSP data records it as an acceptable species. The natural range of this tree is from Tropical Africa, South China, to Tropical Asia. Mitragyna Tubulosa tree is generally tall. The leaves of this plant are normally large, petiolate, with tiny domatia located in the nerve axils. The flowers buds on this species grow at the apex. The Anthers are included in the flowers.

You can buy Mitragyna Tubulosa through websites to order it online Mitragyna Tubulosa at affordable prices. The fruits on this plant are dry. The herbal uses of this tree are that it treats Analgesic, Antifungal, Anti-inflammatory, Antimalarial, Detox, Antidepressants, etc. The diseases that can be treated through this plant are Malaria, Anxiety, Inflammation, Neoplasms, Cardiotoxicity, Respiratory Insufficiency, Hepatitis, etc. It can also cure conditions like fatigue, cold, cough, etc.

About the parts of the tree:

  • Leaves of this tree: The leaves are opposite, simple, decussate. It stipules larger, obovates, etc. The petioles are 1 to 3 cm long.
  • Trunk or bark of the tree: The bark is grey, smooth, and blaze cream.
  • Flowers: The tree has an inflorescence terminal head in which the flowers are yellow with a purple tinge.
  • Seeds and Fruits: The capsules are arranged in a globose head, every capsule with two follicular cocci. Many seeds are winched in this tree.
  • Branches: The branches of this tree are horizontal and have young branchlets. If you want, you can buy Mitragyna Tubulosa on sale as well.


Mitragyna Tubulosa could be the most famous plant in the Mitragyna genus. This species was published on 5 November 1891. The family to which it belongs, according to the IPNI, is Rubiaceae. This genus category Contains more plants as well. It is included in the Plantae Kingdom.



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