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Voacanga Africana is a tropical tree native to West Africa and is related to the genus Tabernanthe or Iboga plants. It usually grows erect and reaches a height of 3-4 meters, and the color of the bark is pale brown. Its leaves are of approx length 30 cm and are bright in color. Its flowers are white or yellow, and they begin to bloom between February and April, have a strong aroma, and after some time, the flower develops into a fruit. It is generally in June and September. The root is erect and branching.

Applications of Voacanga Africana:

Vocanga Africana has industrial and medicinal applications. The bark of its tree was a brain stimulant; the roots were used for long hunts, while the seeds were used for different purposes. The seeds of Vocanga africana contain indole alkaloids, including vocangine, vocamina, and related substances. 

Benefits of Voacanga Africana:

  • The Voacanga Africana has industrial (production of latex) and medicinal applications.

  • West Africans used the bark of this tree as a brain stimulant.

  • The roots were used as a stimulant during long hunts.

  • The seeds were used for visionary purposes.

  • Vinpocetine, a medication, is used to handle Alzheimer's sickness and thus enhances memory.

  • The vinblastine helps in treating leukemia. 

  • Voacanga Africana aids in suppressing medicine addiction and is used as hypotensives.

How to Order Online?

Voacanga Africana seed for sale is in large quantity that is more than five metric tonnes and is available to buy Voacanga Africana online on various pharmaceutical/ botanical platforms and offline pharmaceutical shops.


Voacanga Africana has its benefits and side effects; one must look for both of them consult his doctor and make sure he has done his health checkup for allergies; after that, only he must decide whether to consume or not.


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