Penianthus Zenkeri

Penianthus Zenkeri

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Penianthus zenkeri  is a dicotyledonous plant species first described by Adolf Engler and given its current name by Friedrich Ludwig Diels. Penianthus zenkeri is part of the genus Penianthus and the family Menispermaceae.  No subspecies are listed in the Catalog of Life

Penianthus zenkeri is an evergreen shrub to small tree growing from 1 - 6 meters tall A popular traditional medicine in Africa, where the plant is commonly harvested from the wild and is also sometimes sold in local markets. The area of distribution of Penianthus zenkeriis rather small, its habitat is under pressure and high prices are paid for its products in the market. It is not listed in the IUCN Red List of threatened species, but its diversity should be guarded to ensure sustainable future supplies

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