Penianthus Zenkeri

Penianthus Zenkeri

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Penianthus Zenkeri could be an evergreen shrub to small tree that grows up to 1 to 6 meters tall. A famous traditional medicine in Africa, where the tree is normally harvested from the wild and is often sold in regional markets. The region of distribution of Penianthus Zenkeri is small. Its habitat is under pressure, and costly prices are paid for its commodities in the markets. It is not recorded in the IUCN Red List of endangered species; still, its diversity should be safeguarded to endure sustainable future supplies. The hazards are not known till now of this plant.

More Details About This Plant:

The roots of Penianthus Zenkeri are used to treat the male sexual impotence, coughs, wounds, etc. A bitter root decoction can be employed as a vermifuge. The twigs and roots  of the tree are used as an aphrodisiac and in the treatment of regional infections andvenereal diseases. A dressing made from the leaves is put on the nails to treat whitlow. The roots and stems of this tree are also used as chew sticks to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Where to buy Penianthus Zenkeri online is a big question, but there is always a solution to every question; the solution is you can buy Penianthus Zenkeri online from the websites that resale these.


Penianthus Zenkeri ranges in Nigeria and Cameroon and maybe also in DR Congo. Making of the roots of Penianthus Zenkeri is used to treat many things. It belongs to the family of the Menispermaceae. It can also be found in western and western central tropical Africa. People can order Penianthus Zenkeri online for the fastest and quality delivery.


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