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Garcinia Lucida is a Garcinia species (plant in the Clusiaceae family) found primarily in Cameroon (known as essok) and Gabon. It's a tree with golden sap. Julien-Joseph Vesque, a French naturalist, first described the species in 1893. Garcinia Lucida is a tree with elliptical-shaped opposing leaves and white blooms. It has a bright yellow sap and green berries as fruits. Garcinia Lucida is a tropical plant that grows wild in West African low environments. Most of this species' specimens are discovered in Gabon, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea's continental region.

Properties of Garcinia Lucida:

Garcinia Lucida is regarded as a medicinal herb in Cameroon. Its seeds and bark are used to treat various gastric and intestinal problems and can also be employed as an antidote; its leaves, on the other hand, are said to repel mosquitoes and bad spirits. We can Provide Order Garcinia Lucida Online quickly.

Uses of Garcinia Lucida:

Garcinia Lucida is used in palm wine and odontol, two alcoholic beverages, in addition to its medicinal uses. Buy garcinia Lucida online easily from the comfort of your home. The products are of the best quality and on sale most of the time. If you ever look for garcinia Lucida, do not forget to check out the online stores.


Garcinia Lucida is a tree with a golden sap found mainly in West African tropical environments. It can be used in palm wine.


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