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Telfairia Occidentalis

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Telfairia Occidentalis is a tropical vine planted in West Africa for its edible seeds and leaf vegetables. Fluted gourd, fluted pumpkin, ugu, and ikong-ubong are all common names for the plant. T. Occidentalis belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family and is native to southern Nigeria. We can Provide Order Telfairia Occidentalis online. Although the fluted gourd grows in several West African countries, it is mainly grown in southeastern Nigeria, primarily utilized in soups and herbal treatments. Although the fruit is inedible, the gourd's seeds are high in nonprotein and fat, making them an excellent addition to a well-balanced diet. The plant is a dioecious perennial usually grown trellised and drought tolerant. 

Nutritional value:

The fluted gourd, often known as an "oilseed," has a lot of oil (30 percent ). T. Occidentalis shoots are high in potassium and iron, while seeds have a crude protein content of 27% and a fat content of 53%. The leaves are high in antioxidants and have antibacterial and hepatoprotective effects. The female plant's young branches and leaves are the key ingredients in the Nigerian soup of egwusi. The dark-red seed is large (up to 5 cm) and high in fat and protein. It can be eaten whole, ground into powder for a soup, or fermented into a porridge.

Uses of Telfairia Occidentalis:

The edible seeds can be eaten whole when boiling or fermented and added to ogili when fermented. Because of its high protein content, indigenous people have long employed the fluted gourd as a blood tonic. The seeds' flour can be used to make high-protein bread. The shoots and leaves can also be eaten raw as vegetables. When prepared for herbal medicine, T. Occidentalis is used to treat sudden attacks of convulsions, malaria, and anemia; it also plays a vital and protective role in cardiovascular diseases. If you want to buy Telfairia Occidentalis, check out the online stores. Most of the time, the products are on sale to get them at affordable prices. 


It is a tropical vine founded in different parts of the world but mostly in west Africa. The seeds of this plant are also edible. It is also used to treat diseases like malaria. Customers can buy Telfairia Occidentalis online at an affordable cost.


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