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Black Stone Flower

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Black Stone Flower or Dagad Phool is a soft brown and black colored lichen that gives the signature black color to various masalas like Goda Masala/Kala Masala. It has a strong earthy aroma and a dehydrated, light, fluffy texture and feels to it. It is widely used in Chettinad cuisine and Hyderabadi and Marathi cuisine. It is an edible lichen flora growing on trees, rocks, etc. It is used in small quantities as it imparts an intense woody aroma and flavor to the preparation, and it must be roasted in a minimal amount of oil to release its full aroma. You can buy Black Stone Flower Online easily Available.

Health Benefits of Black Stone Flower:

Stone flower helps in curing instances of kidney stones due to its Kapha balancing attributes. It has great diuretic abilities helping in the smooth excretion of urine and liquid wastes from the system. It is also an effective remedy for the formation of stones in the urinary bladder tract and also helps in pacifying in case of a painful urination. It is a natural remedy for correcting instances of gastritis in the gut. It has cooling potential to help bring down high acidity and excessive heat generation in the gastrointestinal tract. It also helps in treating inflammation ulcers in the stomach and intestines.

It helps in healing wounds on external tissues of the skin. Also, it has some antimicrobial properties that help treat the injured skin's exposed areas and help diminish scars. The stone flower is an ayurvedic herb for rectifying various heart conditions such as hypertension, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis; it also helps prevent clogging of blood vessels with unhealthy fats. It is also helpful in resolving and mitigating asthma symptoms like breathing difficulty, chest pain, chest congestion, wheezing, and obstruction in the lungs and respiratory tracts.


To, conclude about the plant Black Stone Flower we have been discussing the plant and the uses and benefits.


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