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Rapanea melanophloeos, also known as Cape beech, Kaapse boekenhout, or isiCalabi, is a thick, graceful, evergreen tree native to Southern Africa's Afromontane forests. Outside the forest, they can be found along stream banks and in gullies. We can Provide Order Rapanea melanophloeos online readily available. Rapanea melanophloeos is an evergreen tree with a dense, elegant canopy. The leaves, stalks, and berries of this plant are frequently purple or maroon. Birds are drawn to the tree's tiny, dark purple berries, frequently dioecious (male and female flowers on separate branches).

The particular name'melanophloeos' means 'black bark' after the source tree was mistakenly identified as Swartbas. A lovely medium-sized evergreen tree with a dense, spreading crown of simple, leathery leaves with purplish stalks and small blooms followed by appealing purple fruits. Rapanea melanophloeos is a popular decorative plant in southern Africa, and it thrives in warm temperate, and tropical regions.

Benefits of Rapanea melanophloeos:

Rapanea melanophloeos has been used traditionally by South Africans to treat TB-related symptoms such as fever, cough, chest disease, night sweats, and so on. This plant has long been used to combat parasitism in tiny ruminants in Kenya. Rapanea melanophloeos is a multipurpose material quickly bought in online stores. Buy Rapanea melanophloeos online if you're suffering from any of the diseases mentioned above. You will probably get this Raw material Product at an affordable price because of the Rapanea melanophloeos for sale.


This raw material helps you to treat TB-related symptoms. If you know anyone suffering from that disease, treat them with Rapanea melanophloeos.


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