Vernonia Amygdalina

Vernonia Amygdalina

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Vernonia Amygdalina appears natively along lakes and rivers, in forests margins, grassland and woodland up to 2800m altitude, in areas where yearly rainfall is 750-2000mm. It needs full sunlight and favours a humid environment. It increases in all kinds of soil but favours humid-rich soils. Indigenous to Kenya, it was discovered in Western Kenya around Lake Victoria. It is also discovered at Kona National Reserve in Tana River district, in the eastern side of Mbololo forest in Taita, in Narok, in the Nuguruman escarpment and Ol Donyo Orok.

It is a tiny tree up to 10m long. Bark light brown or grey, fissured, brittle branches. Propagation of Vernonia Amygdalina is attainable by seeds gathered from the dry flower heads. Stem cutting is accessible as they grow quickly. Cuttings are chosen on leaf size, bitterness and growth characteristics. It is sown erect or slanted at 450 to attain more side shoots. Seeds can be planted on nursery beds made from humus-rich soil, shaded from uncontrolled sunlight or heat and water daily to germinate. Seedlings are transplanted 4 to 6 weeks after urgency.

Uses of this plant other than pesticidal:

  • Food: Bitter leaves of this plant are eaten as raw vegetables and cooked in soups.
  • Medicinal: This plant is used to treat fevers, stomach disorders, etc.
  • Fuel: The plant is used for charcoal and firewood.
  • Apiculture: it generates very light honey.
  • Fodder: The shoots and leaves are used as fodder. You can arrange or buy Vernonia Amygdalina online if you want.


Vernonia Amygdalina is a part of the daisy family. It is a tiny shrub that is grown in tropical Africa. This plant typically grows to a length of 2 to 5 meters. The leaves of this plant are elliptical and up to 20cm long. Customers can order Vernonia Amygdalina online and choose their favourite brand. There is Vernonia Amygdalina for sale obtainable.


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