Voacanga Thouarsii

Voacanga Thouarsii

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Voacanga Thouarsii could be a tree that grows to 13 meters tall. The bole containing low-down branches could be around 30cm in diameter. It is often still-rooted when it grows in swampy ground. The tree can be harvested from the wild, giving medicines and several products to the regional population. The plant includes various medically active compounds, several parts of the being exported to pharmacies in Europe and other areas.

The tree can also be used in soil conversion programs. The hazards of this plant are not known till now. The range of this plant is from Tropical Africa to Sierra Leone to southern Sudan and Kenya, south to Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Madagascar. This plant is grown on the watercourses for water and soil conservation. The wood of this plant is burnt to produce vegetable salt.

The medicinal uses of this plant:

This plant is styptic to the skin and harmful to the eyes. It can be used as a remedy for toothache. Decoctions, or you can say infusions of the stem bark, roots, and leaves, are put on the wounds, sores, and boils and are also used to cure gonorrhea, fungal infections, and scabies. The infusions are also used to cure hypertension, heart issues, etc. People can order Voacanga Thouarsii online for the fastest and quality delivery.


Voacanga Thouarsii is grown as a tiny tree till 13 to 20 meters tall, with a trunk. Its pleasant flowers feature a pale green, white, and creamy corolla. The fruit grown on this tree is dark green, spotted with paired follicles, every fruit till 10cm. The bark of this tree is said to furnish a fiber used to make hunting nets. If you want, you can buy Voacanga Thouarsii online as well.


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