Baobab Oil

Baobab Oil

There are many threads online that keep giving some beauty tips, asking you to try different bizarre chemicals on your skin. Your skin is precious and must be handled with great care. Instead of trying these bad substances to no avail, why not try natural methods? There are tons of ways to maintain healthy skin and hair with just natural methods. One of these methods is using baobab oil.

The baobab tree is a native African tree, and it has been mentioned in some ancient African poetry and folklore. It is a majestic tree that has a lifespan of about 6000 years, and it is believed that spirits dwell on the inside of this tree. It is also known as the ‘Tree of life’ due to the fruits that are full of nutrients that it possesses, especially in the dry season. It can store gallons of water in its trunks; a major contributor to its oil content, and that is why elephants and other land animals chew on its barks in the dry season.

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