The CMR’s leading supplier of African Raw Botanicals, Cold Pressed Oils & Herbal Products

Established in 1995 and soon became leaders in the field of procuring and supplying a wide variety of medicinal plant materials from the African continent.
As the saying goes « habit is second nature », as a result of us being in permanent contact with plants and as well as with the environment they are originating in, we could efficiently assist in the procurement of plant samples from defined sources, assuring that additional samples or larger quantities of similar material may be obtained from the same sources if needed at a later time.

We could also support you in interpreting the outcome and defining the resulting next steps in plant raw material procurement.

With the dream of expanding the business more aggressively in specifically the international markets, we decided on a strategy to expand our product range by incorporating innovative Indigenous Oils, Butters and Resins for the cosmetic and fragrances industries.

In 2012 we decided to incorporate with a specialist processing facility and exciting retail products – blended medicinal teas, herbal mixes as well as capsules of well-known and very useful indigenous products. 


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