Our Team

Corentin Ngouni

Corentin Ngouni ~ Warehouse and Production Ad.

He is in charge of  the warehouse & production and has been there since the begining of the business. He ensures reception of raw materials, dispatch of finished products, production, inventory management and many more at our main collecting unit.

Kenneth Howard B.

Kenneth Howard B. ~ Local Sales & Logistics Ad.

Kenneth has a background in Marketing & International Logistics .He ensure that the orders; bulk / retail reaches clients destination in the earliest of time .He also ensures the turnover and growth - for the growers and suppliers of raw materials as well as their clients, local and international fronts

  He brings with him the ability of developing strong and long term business relationships with clients as a result of high quality and timely delivered of botanicals.

Paola Binda

Paola Binda ~ Business Development Manager

She has become known as the face of purest botanicals to big or small local buyers of indigenous botanicals. Her ability to care for each order as if it was her own, has made her a popular partner to many of the regular buyers on purest botanicals books.


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