Urtica Dioica (Common Nettle)

Urtica Dioica (Common Nettle)

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Urtica dioica is commonly known with other names such as burn nettle, stinging nettle, and common nettle. It also belongs to the Plantae kingdom and comes under the Urticaceae family. In ancient days, common nettle had a long and brief history related to traditional medicine, food, tea, and textile material. It is a flowering plant which is originated native to Europe. The plant is distributed worldwide, especially in parts of asia, north America, Europe, and Africa. The plants look different in winter and different in summer. In summer, the plant is 1-2 m in height, and in winter, it is dying down in the ground. You can Order Urtica dioica Online as well.Urtica diocia is abundant in northern Europe and much of Asia, usually found in the countryside. Nowadays, the plant has been introduced and growing in all parts of the world. It is widely distributed in Canada and the united states in North America. It is grown very abundant in the pacific northwest.

Useful for Medicines?

Stinging nettle was used as a traditional medicine a long hundred years ago to treat painful muscles and joint pains, arthritis, anemia, eczema, and gout. It is used to treat urinary problems during the starting stage of enlarged prostate in many places. It is also used to treat high fever urinary tract infections, and the creams made from this plant are used to treat joint pains, strains, and sprains. Some people will think, where can we buy Urtica dioica we can order it online.


To conclude about Urtica dioica or common nettle, we have discussed the uses, and it belongs to which family and its medical uses have been discussed. We can buy Urtica dioica online.


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