Quinine (Cinchona Pubescens Vahl.)

Quinine (Cinchona Pubescens Vahl.)

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Cinchona pubescens, commonly known as quinine, red cinchona, or quinoa, is a native plant to central and South America. This plant is a remedial plant with a veryhigh crucial content that produces quinine. It is mostly used for the treatment of malaria disease.


Cinchona pubescens sizes range from small to large, reaching a maximum of 10m. Leaves look thin, elliptical, and pumpkin in shape and bears juvenility teeth, whichchange their color to red thus, it is also named red cinchona. The flowers of this plant seem to form massive particles of color pink or, more exactly, light pink.


Out of all Cinchona species, Cinchona pubescens has an extensively large distribution in Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia. It grows widely in volcanic]soil that has high nutrient values. Their ability to recover after getting damaged is soo high. It replicates its seeds with the help of wind. After sowing seeds, reaching their mature stage takes around four years, which grows around 1-2 m per year.


  • Treatment of fevers and malaria
  • To make medicine Quinine
  • Treatment of many stomach problems
  • Swine flu, attacks of influenza, etc
  • Muscle cramps
  • Mouth and throat diseases
  • Common cold
  • Used as pain reliving eye lotion

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