Platycerium Stemaria (Triangular Staghorn Fern)

Platycerium Stemaria (Triangular Staghorn Fern)

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Platycerium stemaria, commonly known as triangular staghorn. These types of plants are African species. They may differ from another two species, p.elephantotis and p.alcicorane. It belongs to the plant kingdom and comes under the Polypodiaceae family, and its genes are Platycerium. Platycerium is epiphytic ferns evergreen with short rhizomes and a tust of round or heart-shaped sterile fronds. We can find these plants in west tropical areas.We can describe this plant as an epiphytic fern with sterile and fertile fonds on forest trees at places of high humidity and low elevations in the regions of Senegal to west camerions. These are widely spread in tropical Africa in Ghana.

Is It Useful for Us?

Today, antibiotic-resistant pathogens are a treatment to public health. In present days there is a lack of supply of new antibiotics. In the olden days, medical plants were used for treating human diseases. Research has been conducted on Playcerium stemaria to find the extracts and fractions used to treat various human diseases in African traditional medicine and to find the new antibiotics from the Playcerium stemaria. Where to buy platycerium stemaria online is simple as nowadays it is available online. The research identified four antimicrobial extracts, radical scavenges, and ferric reducing antioxidants, which are the two extracts found from the Playcerium stemaria plant. It is used to treat liver diseases, asthma, infections, cardiac palpitations, and pulmonary troubles.


In this, we have demonstrated the plant Playcerium stemaria and how the plant is usefulfor medical-related terminologies. We have mentioned the outcome of the research and how it is used. You can order platycerium sterimaria online.

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