Piper Umbellatum (Pothomorphe Umbellatum)

Piper Umbellatum (Pothomorphe Umbellatum)

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Piper Umbellatum, commonly known as Cordoncillo, belongs to the kingdom of Plantae. Piper Umbellatum comes under the family of Piperales. The plant Piper umbellatum or pariparoba originates from brazil, used for traditional medical treatments, including digestion and liver-related problems or diseases.

These plants have thick fleshly leaves or stem adapted to storing water. The plant is often used as food and in local medicine. We can find these plants sometimes in home gardens.
The Piper umbellatum or cordoncillo can be found in places of south Africa, pern, Bolivia, and brazil. The plant is naturalized in some parts of tropical areas of the Caribbean and from central America to Mexico. In wet forests or moist, these are grown at an elevation up to 1500 meters tall. If the moisture is there, the plant can produce flowers throughout the year.

Beneficiaries of Piper umbellatum:

The leaves are used for vermifuge, vulnerary and antiseptic. The fruits and leaves of the Piper umbellatum are used to treat kidney, anemia, edema, and colic. From the clusters of
flowers, a tea is made given to the patient to treat coughs. The aerial parts of the plant are commonly given to women to prevent abortion. In some parts of Central America, they believe that if the leaves' juice is rubbed or applied to the skin, it may prevent chiggers and small ticks. The aerial and root parts contain powerful antioxidants with chemopreventative potential, used as a traditional medicine to cure skin cancer. You can order piper umbellatum online. A decoction is made from leaves given to patients to treat jaundice, toothache, syphilis, menstrual problems, and more.


In this, we have determined the plant Piper umbellatum and its usefulness for many problems, and traditional medicine has played a crucial role for years. The problems mentioned above and other problems like kidney problems, stomachache, malaria, and more can also be treated. Buy piper umbellatum online.


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