Motherwort (Leonurus Cardiaca L.)

Motherwort (Leonurus Cardiaca L.)

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Motherwort could be a plant. The parts of this plant that grows above the ground are used to produce the medicines. This plant treats heart issues such as heart failure, fast heartbeat, irregular heartbeat, and heart effects due to anxiety. It could also be used for the absence of menstrual periods and intestinal gas. Some individuals apply this Motherwort directly on the skin when they feel a burning or itching sensation.

How Motherwort and its uses?

Motherwort may slow down the heart and makes the blood thin. It also may stimulate the uterine tone and blood flow. This plant is usually effective in sleep, anxiety, menopausal effects, intestinal gas, and other several issues. More evidence is still needed for the effectiveness of this plant. Also, pregnant women should avoid taking Motherwort; the person who has undergone surgery should avoid it. Motherwort can make you feel sleepy, and taking it along with sedatives can cause a lot of sleepiness. The correct dose of this plant depends on several factors such as users' age, health, and other various health conditions.

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Leonurus Cardiaca, also known as Motherwort, could be an herbaceous perennial plant that belongs to the mint family, Lamiaceae. Other known names include throw-wort, lion's ear, lion's tail. The ancient Greeks used this plant. It is also known as the benefits mother herb in China as it is given to pregnant women suffering from anxiety.


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