Mauby (Colubrina Ferruginosa  Brongn.)

Mauby (Colubrina Ferruginosa Brongn.)

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Colubrina is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the Rhamnaceae family native to warm temperate and tropical parts of Africa, the Americas, southern Asia, northern Australia, and the Indian Ocean islands. Nakedwood, snakewood, greenheart, and hog plum are some of the common names for this plant. The genus name comes from the Latin word coluber, which means "snake," and refers to the snake-like stamens. The species are shrubs and small trees with simple oval leaves that grow to a height of 1–10 meters (3.3–32.8 feet). The flowers are tiny, greenish-white or yellowish, and the fruit is a three-seeded capsule. The genus is, at least in part, a wastebasket taxon, and revisions will almost certainly result in the renaming of some species to other genera.

Uses of Mauby (Colubrina):

Mauby is a soft drink made in the Caribbean from certain species' leaves, fruit, and bark.

Colubrina's Ecology:

Some Lepidoptera species use food plants, including Bucculatrix kendalli, which feeds exclusively on C. texensis.

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Mauby (Colubrina) is a flowering plant genus founded in different parts of the world. It is used differently and is a multipurpose plant.


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