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Lophira Lanceolata is commonly known as dwarf red ironwood. Lophira Lanceolata belongs to the planate kingdom and comes under the Ochnaceae family. The native of the Lophira Lanceolata plant is west and central Africa. The tree is used in traditional medicines. The tree looks small-medium in size and grows up to 16 m tall. It is a multipurpose tree. The trees are extended range growing from Senegal to Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Uganda. One will be thinking buy Lophira Lanceolata online.

Uses of Lophira Lanceolata:

The plant has a long brief history regarding medical terminologies and traditional medicine use. In research, they found in this plant, there are medical compounds. A decoction is made up of roots given to women to treat menstrual pain, malaria, and intestinal troubles. Mouthwash is made with an infusion of bark to treat toothache. Edible oil is extracted from seeds called " meni oil." this oil is used to treat muscular tiredness, toothache, and dermatosis. To avoid dryness on the skin, they apply this oil. For washing and treating wounds, a decoction is made up of roots. The plant's bark contains some active compounds like flavonoids, which help process antibacterial properties, with the help of the trunk and root bark of the plant used for treating pulmonary diseases. Leaves are used for treating fever and respiratory infections. The young red leaves are used for treating head pains.  The oil extracted from the seeds or fruits can be used to produce soaps. From Lophira Lanceolata, wood is being extracted. It looks pinkish with red cor, heavyweight, hard, and very durable. Locally it is used for railway sleepers and bridge construction. It is also used in home construction for agricultural and household tools. We can easily order Lophira Lanceolata online.

Conclusion :

Everyone will be interested in studying plants and their features. Like that, only we have discussed the Lophira Lanceolata tree and its uses and benefits.


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