Indigofera Arrecta

Indigofera Arrecta

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Indigofera arrecta, commonly known as natal indigo, Bengal indigo, and java. Indigofera arrecta belongs to the planate kingdom and comes under the family of Fabaceae. It is a flowering plant. The native of the plant is sub-Saharan Africa. Madagascar and the Arabian's peninsula are the two countries that have introduced the plant to the Indian subcontinent, some of the islands of Indonesia, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and Queensland in Australia. These are some countries where we can find these plants Africa, Asia, East Africa, Ethiopia, Guinea, Vietnam, West Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, India, south-east asia, etc. We can find these plants in the tropical area of Africa and widely distribute them through Senegal to Somalia south to South Africa. These plants are best grown in the daytime temperature of range 22-30oc and can tolerate up to the range of 16-36oc. The annual rainfall must be in between the range of 1700-2200 mm. The plant starts flowering after three months of sowing the seed. 

Benefits of Indigofera arrecta:

Young leaves of this plant are taken as vegetables for cooking. The leaves are also used as traditional medicine for treating diarrhea, dysentery, epilepsy, and nervous disorders. Leaves are also applied externally to heal sores and ulcers. The fruits and seeds of Indigofera arrecta are used to treat ophthalmia.  To treat jaundice, gum infections, snakebites, gonorrhoea, and epilepsy, a decoction comprises roots and leaves because these leaves and roots contain stomachic, antispasmodic febrifuge, purgative, diuretic, sedative, and vermifuge. 

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As usual, every plant contains some medical benefits, and it is useful in various ways the same here, we also have discussed the plant Indigofera arrecta and its specifications, where can we find these plants, and how it is benefited to our day to day life and related medical terminologies.

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