Dioscoreophyllum Cumminsii

Dioscoreophyllum Cumminsii

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Deoscoriophyllum cuminsii is a perennial climbing plant that grows from tubers roughly 2cm in diameter and can reach a height of 1.8 meters. The stems climb across the ground and twine into other plants for support, becoming more or less woody as they go. The plant's edible fruit and root are collected in the wild. It is occasionally grown, particularly in Ghana.

Edible Uses:

  • Fruit should be eaten uncooked. The fruit's extraordinarily sweet, the mucilaginous pulp is up to 3,000 times sweeter than sucrose, making it the most adorable known naturally occurring material.

  • It's been suggested as a sugar alternative that isn't carbohydrate-based.

  • The fruit can be stored at room temperature for several weeks without taste.

  • Roots. The fruit is a small, subovoid drupe that can grow 35mm long. Small and yam-like in appearance. They can be prepared in the same way as potatoes.


  • The root is used as a stimulant for sexual activity.

  • The roots' pungent peel is used to treat wounds.

  • The softened, hairless stem is used as a plaster for swelling limbs.

  • The stem's viscid sap is used as a poultice to remove abscesses and spines and a wash to prevent venereal diseases.

Cultivation Specifications:

If fruit and seed are needed, male and female versions of this dioecious plant must be cultivated. Check out the internet retailers if you're seeking deoscoriophyllum cuminsii; the products are on sale and of good quality. You can acquire them for a low and reasonable price.

Where to buy Deoscoriophyllum cuminsii online?

Various websites such as plant guru, nursery live, Indiamart, etc., sell different Deoscoriophyllum cuminsii at various ranges and affordable prices. When buying Deoscoriophyllum cuminsii online, please read all the instructions carefully consult with the healthcare taker to know the proper use. Then, only it would prove effective.


Deoscoriophyllum cuminsii is a climbing plant which is edible as well. You can buy Deoscoriophyllum cuminsii Online.


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