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Dioscorea sylvatica (also known as "forest elephant's foot") is a twining tuberous vine native to Africa. It's frequent and widespread in forests and thickets throughout East and Southern Africa's summer rainfall zones. It results in a flattened caudex and often has lobes that stretch out. The creeping branches grow for the majority of the year; however they will die back and be replenished by the core caudex rootstock on a regular basis. It can turn deciduous in dry situations. The green creeping foliage can reach a height of 4 metres or more. It's a widely distributed and varied plant with several unique variants. You can Order Dioscorea sylvatica Online easily.

Dioscorea sylvatica has medicinal properties:

Traditional medicine for gastro-intestinal issues, gonorrhea, respiratory infections, rheumatism, skin infections, sores, wounds, and cuts uses sylvatica primarily as a blood purifier, charm, rituals, and ethnoveterinary medicine.

More information about Dioscorea sylvatica:

Dioscorea sylvatica, or Elephant's Foot Yam, is a semi-tropical twining plant with annual stems growing from a vast, reticulated tuberous rootstock or caudex. The caudex, which lies flat on the soil's surface, is divided into regular polygonal plates, which become protuberant with age and are separated by deep furrows. Annual climbing stems can reach 4 to 5 meters in a single season. On different plants, male and female flowers are produced. Collectors of succulent plants seek out and admire larger caudices, which rank among the plant kingdom's wonders. Dioscorea sylvatica can be purchased at a low price online. The items are reasonably priced and of decent quality.


Deoscoria sylvatica is a tuberous vine native to Africa with different medicinal uses. You can buy Dioscorea sylvatica online if you want.


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