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Palm kernel oil is edible plant oil derived from the oil kernel of the palm tree allice Guinness. It is related to two other edible oils: palm oil extracted from the fruit pulp of the palm tree and coconut oil extracted from the coconut pulp. Palm and Palm kernel oil, coconut oil are some of the most highly saturated vegetable fats; These oils are named after the 16-carbon saturated fatty acid and palmitic acid they contain. Its oil, which is semi-solid at room temperature, is more saturated than palm oil and is comparable to coconut oil. The oil from the African oil palm allice Guinness has long been found in West African countries. European traders doing business with West Africa sometimes buy palm oil in Europe, but there is a shortage of palm kernel oil outside of West Africa. You can use palm kernel oil for cooking as a skin and hair care product. One can never underestimate the benefits of kernel oil for hair, skin, and health? 

Everyone’s mind has come one question before to buy anything, where to buy? for palm kernel oil best answer is purest botanical. Yes, purest botanical is the best place to buy any herbal and organic oil, herb, and other products. Palm kernel oil of purest botanical is made up of 100percent organic raw materials without added chemicals. If you use its oil, you get a good result on your health. It is a trusted firm to buy the products. You easily buy the purest botanical palm kernel oil from its company site and market. You get kernel oil benefits for hair, skin, and health by using inappropriate daily dosages.

Origin And Research Of Palm Kernel Oil 

Humans used oil palms 5,000 years ago. In the late 1800s, archaeologists discovered palm kernel oil in a tomb in Abidos dating to 3,000 BC. Traders are believed to have brought palm kernel oil to Egypt. Palm kernel oil of E. guinea fowl has long been found in West and Central African countries and is mostly used as a cooking oil. European traders trading with West Africa sometimes bought palm oil to use as a cooking oil in Europe. Its oil became the most sought-after commodity by British traders for use as an industrial lubricant for machinery during the British Industrial Revolution. Its oil is the basis for soap products such as Lever Brothers (now Unilever) “Sunlight” soap and the American Palmolive brand. Until about 1870, its oil was the primary export of some West African countries, but cocoa overtook it with the introduction of European cocoa plantations by the colonies in the 1880s. The kernel oil benefits for hair, skin, and health show the power of its oil. 

In the 1960s, R and D in oil palm cultivation began to expand after the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture established an exchange program with West African economies and set up four private gardens with the Oil Palm Genetics Laboratory. Did. The Malaysian government established College Serdang in the 1970s to train agricultural and agro-industrial engineers and agribusiness graduates to conduct research, which became University Perthian Malaysia (UPM). In 1979, with the support of the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) and the UPM, the government established the Palm Oil Research Institute (PORIM) in Malaysia, [6] a public-private partnership. [Clarity required] BC Shekhar was appointed Founder and Chairman. Pore ​​scientists work on oil palm tree breeding, palm oil nutrition, and potential oleochemical applications. In 2000, Purim was changed to the Malaysian Palm Oil Board. The research is regularly done to enhance the kernel oil benefits for hair, skin, and health. 

Nutritionals Facts About Palm Kernel Oil 

Palm kernel oil, like coconut oil, is high in saturated fat and more saturated than palm oil. Its oil is high in lauric acid, which has been shown to increase blood cholesterol levels in both LDL-C (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol) and HDL-C (high-density lipoprotein cholesterol). However, HDL-C is partially higher than LDL-C due to the increase in total cholesterol concentration. Its oil does not contain cholesterol or trans fatty acids. Palm kernel oil is commonly used in commercial cooking because it is less expensive than other oils and is stable at high cooking temperatures. The oil is stored longer than other vegetable oils. Its oil is high in saturated fat, mainly lauric and myristic acids. It does not contain cholesterol or trans fat. Its high cooking temperatures, stable oil and has a longer shelf life than other vegetable oils. The oil also provides unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic and linoleic acids. The kernel oil benefits hair, skin, and health. 100 grams of palm kernel oil provides approximately:

  • Calories: 862
  • Total fat: 100g
  • Total saturated fat: 82 g
  • Lauric acid: 48 g
  • Myristic acid: 16 g
  • Palmitic acid: 8 g
  • Capric acid: 3 g
  • Caprylic acid: 3 g
  • Stearic acid: 3 g
  • Total unsaturated fat: 17 g
  • Oleic monounsaturated acid: 15 g
  • Linoleic polyunsaturated acid: 2 g
  • Vitamin E: 4 mg
  • Cholesterol: 0 g
  • Trans fatty acids: 0 g

Benefits Of Palm Kernel Oil 

Now, see kernel oil’s benefits for hair, skin, and health. Purest botanical palm kernel oil is prepared with herbal herbs, which are very helpful to solve human health problems. 

Benefits for hair

Palm kernel oil is high in fatty acids such as lauric acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid, and linoleic acid and has a wide range of uses in hair care products. It has the following benefits in hair care:

  • Moisturizes hair: Palm kernel oil helps to retain moisture in the hair. It lubricates the hair, removes dryness, and improves hair shine. It is very light and keeps the hair soft without any greasy residue.
  • Makes hair strong: Palm kernel oil’s unique fatty acid content helps strengthen weak or damaged hair. It penetrates easily into the hair roots to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair fall.
  • Itchy scalp: Palm kernel oil has a good cooling effect that can help relieve dandruff and eczema. It is ideal for newborns suffering from dermatitis or itching; It is lightweight, easy to wash, and leaves no sticky or greasy residue.

Benefits for the skin

Palm kernel oil is beneficial for skin care. It has the following advantages:

  • Newborn skin: Newborn baby skin is susceptible and prone to dryness. Palm kernel oil acts as a natural protective barrier to the skin and prevents baby skin from drying out. In addition, it acts as an emollient, moisturizing the baby’s skin and promoting healthy growth.
  • Aging skin: The vitamin E and oleic acid (omega-9) content of palm kernel oil prevents the appearance of wrinkles related to aging. The oil also helps to maintain skin softness and radiance.
  • Acne-prone skin: Its oil is rich in lauric acid, linoleic acid, and other fatty acids, which help prevent the spread of acne. Applying it to the acne-prone skin will soothe the pimples, reduce inflammation, remove dead skin and prevent future spreads. However, it is better to apply it to oily skin.
  • Cleansing and moisturizing: Palm kernel oil is a significant component of harsh soaps and shampoos due to its lauric acid content. This will help the soap to lift easily and clean more effectively. It does not cause allergies and keeps skin soft, deeply cleansed, and moisturized.

Health benefits

Palm kernel oil is beneficial in a variety of health conditions. It has the following advantages:

  • Cold and cough: In an African medicine report, a mixture of palm kernel oil and garlic is an effective remedy for treating the common cold in children and toddlers. Applying this mixture to the chest, forehead, and back will reduce colds and reduce mucus. It works very fast and is relatively inexpensive.
  • Gout and gout: In combination with other ingredients, palm kernel oil is used in alternative medicine for the topical treatment of arthritis and rheumatism. Apply the oil on the skin and massage gently to reduce the symptoms. And because the oil is light in consistency, it penetrates the skin quickly and reduces pain.
  • Nutritional values: The oil has high nutritional value. It is free of cholesterol and trans-fatty acids, useful in food production. Furthermore, its high melting point and stability at room temperature properties make it ideal for making ice cream, soft chocolate, whipping cream, mayonnaise, margarine, biscuits, cake-icing, etc. It is beneficial for commercial cooking and frying at high temperatures.


The rich content of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in palm kernel oil. Kernel oil benefits for hair, skin and is overall beneficial for the health of everyone. It helps rejuvenate the skin, prevent dry skin, and promote healthy skin growth in newborns. In addition, it reduces hair loss, dermatitis, colds, arthritis and adds quality to the candy. When anyone suffers from any hair, skin, and health problems, and search for the best palm kernel oil, then one time apply the purest botanical palm kernel oil, and you get a good result in a short time.  

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